Retain Line Breaks

A scan for everything in my site that is surrounded by brackets


On my website, I wanted to add light Verse, but by default, with my premium theme, any line ends in my poems were ignored.


I’m grateful to Bep who offered a shortcode solution: (

I created a shortcode called poem.html, which contained this:

{{ replace .Inner "\n" "<br/>" | safeHTML }}

I apply it this way. I know there are other ways of going about this, but this is what worked for me.

{{< poem >}}
Ingredients with chlorine and the quats aren’t puritanical
So better choose the thymol that is sourced from a botanical!
{{< /poem >}}

Admittedly, along the way, I got failed to extract shortcode: template for shortcode "poem" not found. (Seems when codes fail in Hugo they break the whole site.) I do’nt remember exactly what the shift was that made the code work, but I think I resolved by putting the shortcode in the right place, and honoring capitalization.

(Extra points if you can guess what the tune was for the lyrics I wrote above.)