A newbie takes on the Hugo learning curve.

Last year I got excited about Hugo, completed some tutorials, and then agreed to review a Manning book on the subject. I made detailed notes and corrections (though it turned out all they wanted was a book review–not a technical review). A year later, I return to Hugo with intention to learn, use, and document.

There have been SO many “this could be the tech stack” dreams over the years. (So many tech stacks promise ease that isn’t really there…)

But I’m thinking Hugo will be a keeper.

That said, it’s not without its learning curve, annoyances and challenges.

I’m working on several Hugo projects now, and it seems the perfect moment to assess:

  • What are some first impressions?
  • What is easy?
  • What is hard?
  • What are some solutions I can build up along the way?

I’ll do my best to document on this site.

Sincerely, Marjorie Roswell